TAMS or The Arohan Media School is an Arohan initiative powered by Amar Ujala Digital, TV and Integrated Solutions (Amar Ujala Group).

It is the result of the vision of the Director Probal Ghosal and the serious interest of one of India’s largest media houses.

The Media School was incorporated in year 2017 with the intention of bringing to the New Media space a truly international institute, with an obsessive focus on world-class research and training in New Media.

Vision & Mission Statements

The vision of TAMS is to create a world class New Media knowledge centre for the Industry and for the academia in India.

TAMS aims at providing cutting-edge multi-disciplinary training and research resources in New Media in order to create industry-ready professionals and break new grounds of thought and approaches for the Industry, particularly in the convergence space.

About Institute

The Premise
New Media is gradually enveloping all traditional Media spaces, touching, edging out and sometimes reengineering them, but because of its hugely democratic nature, it has belonged with the people, with little time and energy spent on a systematic understanding of its workings.

Especially in India, one sees a dearth of industry-ready digital professionals, and the one’s that come freshly minted from Mass Communication or Journalism courses, or worse, with online short certifications, are either taught New Media as an addendum, or taught a skill in isolation.    

TAMS, therefore, decided to begin with a flagship course, which provides a comprehensive training in all the major skills needed in New Media, with specialisation ‘pathways’.

Theory & Practice
We have ensured that all the teaching has a solid theoretical foundation, that the training has ample practical teaching, that the pedagogy balances instruction with contructionist learning, and that there is significant interaction between industry leaders and the students.

Since our incorporation we have made every effort to facilitate students with a rich and dynamic environment for developing new ideas and launching new careers.

A faculty of internationally recognized media makers and pioneering scholars involve students in a curriculum that combines the pressures and the skills of everyday work with the content, audiences and technology of the New Media industry.

At TAMS, we offer the one-year diploma and also offer special short-term certificate courses for graduate and working professionals.

The TAMS is established to augment interface between the Academia and the New Media Industry, through research, training and young fecund minds.

The Amar Ujala group has taken the lead in providing TAMS on-site training for students, as a part of their curriculum, and internships with its Digital, TV and Integrated solution arms, with the latest technology in a live environment.

Besides they are a part of the TAMS Placement Cell along with several other leading industry bodies.

Placement Cell
The Placement cell identifies industry needs and promotes institutional groundwork for meeting them by facilitating internship, seminars, workshops, placement and various other industrial training programs. This Industry- Institute partnership also mirrors in preparing faculty to latest practices and makes the students industry-ready, besides providing experience in current industry practices.

Powered by Amar Ujala Digital, TV, Integrated Solutions

About The Amar Ujala Network (Which powers the TAMS initiative)
Amar Ujala is India’s 3rd largest newspaper with a total readership of 4.65 Crore readers as per latest Indian Readership Survey (IRS). Amar Ujala has 20 editions, in 7 states and 1 union territory covering 179 districts.

Besides its 70-year-old daily broadsheet, the Amar Ujala group brings to TAMS the accumulated learning and infrastructure of all its verticals, where the best students of TAMS get an opportunity to intern, carry out onsite projects and find employment. Here’s a snapshot of those verticals:

Amar Ujala Digital
Launched in 1999, runs amarujala.com, one of the fastest growing news website in India, and delivers national and international news and analysis, business, sports, technology, entertainment, lifestyle and astrology, round the clock. As per Google Analytics, AmarUjala.Com gets 50 Million+ Unique Visitors every month. With state-of-the-art design, which won the 2014 WANIFRA award for design and technology, it follows industry best practices both on the front end and the CMS.

Amar Ujala Interactive Web TV
Amar Ujala interactive Web TV was launched in December 2016, as India’s first interactive browser-based TV called Amar Ujala TV. It has modern digital TV studio and editing facilities, tailor-made to service a convergent, LIVE, interactive web and social space.

Besides these, Amar Ujala Digital also runs firkee.in, a youth portal, myresultplus, a results and education portal, and safalta.com, an online testing and government job preparation website.

Touch Point & Autdoors
Touch Point & Autdoors are Amar Ujala’s specialized business units offering Integrated Business Solutions to clients & agencies, led by ground activation, events and ATL. Touch Point offers a seamless 360-degree solution to a potential client with Print Campaign, FM Tie-up, TV Coverage, OOH Campaign, PR Support, Sales-linked Promotions & Digital Amplification. Today, it has a highly esteemed clientele consisting of top-notch brands like Hindustan Unilever, Dabur, P&G, Hero, Mahindra, Tata Motors, Honda, LG, Volvo, Kellogg’s, Parle, SRM University, Aditya Birla Group, DS Group and many others.

Amar Ujala Foundation
Amar Ujala Foundation (AUF) is the social arm of Amar Ujala Publications Limited with a mission to create a better future through empowerment of all. AUF has initiated thousands of social activities, supporting and enabling women, children to live with dignity and pride. Providing financial support, training, knowledge, disaster relief are among the innumerable programmes AUF has carried out. Notable among them are the Atul Maheshwari Chatravritti, as part of which we promote meritorious students and provide them with financial assistance, Medhavi Chatra Samman in which we provide a platform to students to present their credentials to the world and Maa Tujhe Pranam, where we perform series of thematic activities which revolve around patriotism and attempt to create a sense of responsibility towards nation.

Books & Magazine Division
This division of Amar Ujala provides unmatched educational support materials to aspiring students for Civil services and all-important competitive exams. Amar Ujala Education caters to more than 15 lakh aspirants every year. The education series extends to national level as well as state level competitive exams and includes more than 600 titles.

Commercial Printing
Amar Ujala has a large newspaper and commercial printing division that involves printing of magazines, books for UPSC, Civil Services, Bank PO, NET-JRF, competitive exams and many more. Printing operations are spread across 17 cities namely in Jhansi, Agra, Meerut, Noida, Panchkula, Lucknow, Bareilly, Dehradun, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Varanasi, Jammu, Aligarh, Allahabad, Moradabad, Dharamsala & Nainital.

Chairman's Message

The Amar Ujala group has had a long legacy of supporting education to transform our world. We have been offering scholarships to bright young minds under the Amar Ujala and Atul Maheshwari Chhatravritti programmes for years now. It therefore gives me great pleasure to take this legacy forward by offering young graduates the opportunity to lay the foundation of a career in digital media in TAMS (The Arohan Media School).

We have taken great pains in ensuring that the students are provided with world-class academic learning coupled with continuous LIVE experience of the New Media workspace. The full strength of the infrastructure and personnel of Amar Ujala digital, TV and Integrated solutions have been made available to the students of our flagship course.

I promise the students the best we have to offer, and wish them to reciprocate by rising to the challenge of this brave new media world, both intellectually and professionally.


Rajul Maheshwari

Chairman, The Arohan Media School

Director's Message


It gives me great pleasure to open the doors of The Arohan Media School to young students, academicians and industry experts.

I have personally been involved in several transformative phases of the media industry, and each of those experiences have taught me one thing – that we are moving into an increasingly unpredictable media space. The new media is so democratic, so amoebic that it is difficult to structure, difficult to monitor and very difficult to anticipate.

We therefore have taken great pains in handpicking the right mix of faculty from the Industry and Academia, put together the best technical infrastructure, and designed courses, which break the mould, which integrate what was earlier studied in silos, and opened our institute to students who seek a career in digital media, and to the industry and academia seeking to push the boundaries of understanding of the New Media dynamics.

Our vision is to create a world class New Media knowledge centre for the Industry and for the academia in India.

And our mission is to provide cutting-edge multi-disciplinary training and research resources in New Media in order to create industry-ready professionals and break new grounds of thought and approaches for the Industry, particularly in the convergence space.

We offer you long-term and short-term courses, and professional development programs and coursework that meet the needs of Media students and adult professional learners.

Our Management, faculty and staff care about you and your success and have designed our continuing education curriculum and programs to help you to thrive as a professional, help you to develop skills in your professional field or that initiate a career change, and help you to finish your education while balancing your current life and professional obligations.

Our partnership with Amar Ujala Network will provide you the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom to the real-world - experiential learning at its best!

For the first time in India, we are offering a full-time Diploma in Integrated Digital Media, a program that promises training in all the key skills of New Media from Content & Marketing to Design, Product & Operation. This program, which took a year to design, will provide you training and learning in creative and design practice with multidisciplinary research Vis a Vis emerging media technology.

If you seek a highly rewarding and stimulating Digital Media education in a learning environment that is truly international, I invite you to experience for yourself all that TAMS has to offer.


Probal Ghosal

Director, The Arohan Media School