Publish Date: Monday August 5 2019 ,  Category: Digital Media

The emergence of the internet has changed the scenario of how we communicate to the masses. Previously, the world communication order was executed over the physically printed newspapers. But now the trend has changed. Now people use internet to communicate. The convergent space has emerged as a new trend in the communication of the world. […]


Publish Date: Tuesday July 30 2019 ,  Category: Pay Per Click

This era of digitalisation in which internet is the boss of everything, internet marketing is the most essential part for a firm to grow. To run their business, everyone should consider internet marketing or digital marketing an important step. Online ads are the best way to do it. PPC is one of the tool which […]


Publish Date: Monday July 15 2019 ,  Category: Website Development

In order to maintain our positions in the global market, we have to be updated about the norms the current business world in which website is the most crucial thing you must have. In today’s business scenario, everybody may not have their physical stores but they must have to have their websites. A good website […]


Publish Date: Friday July 12 2019 ,  Category: SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

SEO Search Engine Optimization is a technique that is applied to increase the ranking of a website in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) of different search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. with the help of which you can get free and organic traffic or visitors on your website without paying money on ads. SEO […]


Publish Date: Thursday July 4 2019 ,  Category: Video Monetization

Over past few decade, the textual based content has ruled over the throne of the content market. But now, video has risen into popularity across the globe. In old times when there was a lack of technological advancement, people use to relay on text based information. But now with the changing time, the trend of […]


Publish Date: Friday June 28 2019 ,  Category: DIGITAL MARKETING

In this age of digitization, many businesses and top brands have started advertising through social media and digital platform instead of radio, newspaper, TV commercials, etc. In this digital era digital marketing is an emerging field with a lot of opportunities. There are a lot of reasons to go for a career in digital media. […]


Publish Date: Wednesday June 26 2019 ,  Category: DIGITAL MARKETING

Digital marketing Simply means marketing using digital tools. Marketing is nothing but communicating values to your customer about the product or services. Unlike traditional media like newspapers, billboards, TV etc, digital media is comprised of search engines, social media, blog articles, video creation etc. which are used to communicate to your customer. Digital marketing is […]