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Publish Date: Thursday August 8 2019 ,  Category: Social Media Marketing

In this era of digitalisation, a firm must have to maintain its social media presence. It is very important to maintain its brand recall and consumer connection. Social media presence has become a necessity to survive in the world of today’s business scenario. Social media is often used by the firm to drive campaign through it and are believed to have more resonance due to the active audience participation on social media. Social media account of a firm is their representative which represent them in front of the potential consumers as well as the general public who are active on social media and is a tool for building brand reputation in front of the people.

Social Media is very popular as it generates leads, create engagement, maintain a reputation and sell your services. Social media networks offer the businesses a platform to connect with their users and persuade them, and maintain the brand recall value. It is a very convenient way to target the audience and convey the message to them. The only thing that you should keep in your mind is that you have to be specific about the message and should design it as per the medium and the audience. A perfectly encoded message can be a key to the success for a firm.

Different media platforms that are widely in use are Facebook, twitter, linked in, and many more. All of them provide different kind of services. Facebook offers a platform where you can share video, text, images as well as hyperlinks whereas Instagram do not allow long videos and have a limit of text and do not allow hyperlink in description. same as that every portal offer services according to their way and social media marketing strategy varies according to the social media which is being used.

Social media marketing has emerged as an upcoming career field which have a high scope. It is also a service from which you can earn money online without even stepping into the work station. Icing on the cake is that they are highly paid for this service. If a person knows this skill, he can earn money from home easily.

How to do it
To make a perfect social media marketing campaign, you have to keep some things in your mind.

Keep a check your competitors– Before staring your campaign, always see what strategy your competitors are using. Plan your campaign according to that. Try to design your campaign better than your competitors.

Select the channel– However our ultimate channel is social media but in this context, we have to select the platform that we are going to start our campaign (Facebook, YouTube, twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Choose your platform accordingly.

Content designing– The content that you are creating to disseminate must have to be perfect. Make sure that your content is good and catchy and is designed as per your medium. It must not miss any information and must not be confusing. The message must be clear and must have a potential to attract the costumers.

Content strategy– everything must have to be on a perfect time and in a perfect way only then your strategy will succeed. It means deciding that what type of content (video, audio, text) is going to be published, on which platform (Facebook, twitter or some else), on what time and at what frequency it is published. Keep your timing perfect and see the magic.

Budget and money tracking– Money tracking is a very essential step in social media marketing. We should track our Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Acquisition, Outsourced Activities Spending (design, copywriting etc.), Advertising costs. Social media platforms provide a window for the promoters to keep a track on your reach as well. Money tracking ensures that you are getting returns of the money that you are paying.

Social media marketing is a perfect tool to reach out a wide audience. If you will understand how to use it then it is a key to success. For small business and firms, it creates an opportunity to run their business well. Free lancing is also a way utilise the skill and earn money. As it is a skill in demand, many big firms hire the people to do social media marketing for them and they pay a good amount to them. It is a whole new job profile as well. Firms are hiring people to do social media marketing. This is a skill for future and there are very less people who can do it so there is a huge scope in this field.