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Publish Date: Wednesday June 26 2019 ,  Category: DIGITAL MARKETING

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing Simply means marketing using digital tools. Marketing is nothing but communicating values to your customer about the product or services. Unlike traditional media like newspapers, billboards, TV etc, digital media is comprised of search engines, social media, blog articles, video creation etc. which are used to communicate to your customer. Digital marketing is audience specific, interactive, data concentric, inbound result oriented and last but not the least cost effective.

In this generation, the number of internet users is growing tremendously, most of the people spend their time using the internet which makes it most preferred tool of marketing because of the consumer media consumption trend is shifting towards digital content hence the scope of marketing on digital platform is huge.
Same as regular traditional marketing, digital marketing also involves complexities in terms of strategy techniques and implementation but the investment cost is zero.

The field of digital marketing is very vast. Its components include content marketing, website designing, SEO (Search Engine Optimizations), SMM (social media marketing) and many more. Job profiles in this field are numerous like social media manager, content marketing manager, email marketing manager, search engine specialist, and many more. Freelancing is also an option.

As the increasing number of users of digital media, the number of traditional media users are declining hence we cannot deny the fact that digital marketing is the future of marketing industry. It is a field with an ocean of opportunities and is backed up by the government’s “Digital India” initiative hence the scope is very high. Digital marketing needs a specialized training or digital marketing Course preferably by the professionals from the industry. This profession is wholly based on learning, requires a constant effort and observing different marketing techniques by different people on the Internet along with doing practice on constant basis. The study of trends and technological changes is must to observe for example google keeps on changing its algorithms, you must have to be updated about such things and rule of white SEO two years back are now part of Grey or black SEO (unfair means). If you won’t update yourself with such latest updates, you can bring yourself an unwanted danger. By the guidance of right people and with an accurate and ethical training, you can efficiently accomplish your goals.

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