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Publish Date: Monday August 5 2019 ,  Category: Digital Media

The emergence of the internet has changed the scenario of how we communicate to the masses. Previously, the world communication order was executed over the physically printed newspapers. But now the trend has changed. Now people use internet to communicate. The convergent space has emerged as a new trend in the communication of the world. Writing styles of both are also very different. Here are some differences in both the styles.

Language of both the styles is different in many ways. When we write for digital medium, the language that we use is free language which means not very formal. Whereas in print, there is a certain limit on what kind of language and words can be used. Usually print only use formal language but digital media is not bounded to do that.

Word space-
Internet is infinitely big hence in digital medium, there is no limit of space. Whereas a newspaper has limited space. There are limited number of articles that can be publishes on newspapers but on the web or digital portals, we can publish multitudinous articles.

Previously in print medium, we had to wait a lot to get the feedback. But now in the field of digital medium we can instant feedback. The comment box facility in digital platforms allow us to do so. Not only feedback but also we can track that how many users are active on our platform. In newspaper we can only track our readership but on digital medium we have an excess to see how many people are watching us, how much time are they spending on our page, in how much time are they bouncing back from our site. All of these technology has made digital platform very advance.

In today’s generation, people usually like multimedia things. They do not like to read only text and some pictures. Now the users mostly like a nice blend of video, text, audio as well as text. This thing is called multimedia. In print we can only use two things those are text and pictures whereas digital platform allows us to use multimedia which attracts the users very much.

Concluding all the factors, the digital media is more advanced than print media. It’s a platform which is widely used by the audience and is very easy to keep a track on. In this time, users are moving towards the digital platform and the print industry is somewhere lagging behind. To be in the business, many media houses are getting converged into digital platforms. Major of the newspapers have now started their own e-newspaper and publishing their content online. The convergence space is now a trend with a lot of scope.

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