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Publish Date: Thursday July 4 2019 ,  Category: Video Monetization

Over past few decade, the textual based content has ruled over the throne of the content market. But now, video has risen into popularity across the globe. In old times when there was a lack of technological advancement, people use to relay on text based information. But now with the changing time, the trend of content popularity has also changed. Now newspapers are losing their readership and moving towards the convergent space to regain their empire. Things are getting online and the best thing which has emerged out of new media that is allows the excess of multimedia (text, video, pictures, sound).
Now people has moved towards the video based content. In today’s scenario, the marketers of the industry claim that the video is better than any other content and they are convinced with the capability of the video content of engaging the audience. Now text contents are usually termed as boring and it fails to engage the audience and grab their attention. At the same time video content is easy to understand and to retain. Icing on the cake is that the video content has a high tendency to get viral than text. According to the data of, the content based on video has more scope than any other content. They analysed the current scenario and the data that they have collected is in favour of the video based content.

Criteria Video Text
Content preference 60% 40%
Bounce rate 59% 89%
Session rate 350 seconds 42 seconds
Memory retention 50% 22%

One third of the content over the internet is video based. This is due to the popularity of the content. Video content is easy to make and easy for the masses to understand.
Usually people do not read text as they feel lazy to read but at the same time if the content is in video format, the viewer pays more attention towards it. 70% of the internet users are visual learners.
Other one biggest reason to opt video as a content as it includes all kind of media within itself. It has pictures, texts, video, and sound along with graphics. it is multi-dimensional in nature and has the ability to include all other content within itself. A video can consist of a podcast and an article all in one and include limitless images, graphics, and text. No other medium has this advantage.

Online Content Monetization

Videos are the future of the industry which is undeniable, where as the text is now old fashioned and people find it boring. videos are the latest trend and are very easy to understand where as the text makes people feel too lazy to read. Being a visual aid, video is really easy to retain and improves brand recall value whereas in text, it is not easy to retain it. It drives more traffic and holds more advantages than text or any other medium.

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