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Publish Date: Monday July 15 2019 ,  Category: Website Development

In order to maintain our positions in the global market, we have to be updated about the norms the current business world in which website is the most crucial thing you must have. In today’s business scenario, everybody may not have their physical stores but they must have to have their websites.

A good website always a secret to success in digital market. It represents you and your firm on the internet. Your website serves as an online catalogue of your product and service that you are offering to your potential customers. Here are few things that you should keep in your mind to make an effective website for your business.

Design your website as per your business-
The design and colour always matters, it makes the impression in visitor’s mind. So it is a good way to leave an impact in his mind about your business. Make sure that your website is designed in such a way that it depicts your business idea. Your layout and interface must be as per your business. A bad layout and design can be misleading. Avoiding this mistake can make your website better. Your domain name must depict your business and must be easy to remember.

Easy to load-
This is one of the biggest mistake that everyone makes while making a website. Usually people do not spend time on the website which loads very slowly so make sure that your website is not doing the same mistake. Your website must be easy to load and can be loaded on any web browser. Avoid using heavy graphics in order to avoid it. Another most important thing you should keep in your mind that the visitors must not be bombarded with ads. This is one of the biggest reason of high bounce back of the costumer.

Don’t make it complex-
Complex navigation, confusing links or missing links simply drive potential customers away. All of these can confuse the costumers which can be a reason of the high bounce rate on your website. Make sure that all the options displayed on your website are clear and easy to understand. Use Shortcut keys like home links, search option or any other means you can devise to let them not only get back to the beginning but find what they came for. Keep it as simple as you can. Use clearly labelled links; put them in expected areas such as the top or side bar and make sure that they are not hard to find what they want. There must be no broken or expired link. It will make your website look more unprofessional due to which you can lose your customers.

Don’t overuse text only-
Make your website interesting by using multimedia. Only text will bore your costumers. Don’t blind them with the text only. Try to make a perfect balance of the videos, text and images in your website. Multimedia engages the customers so it will be easy to attain their attention by using text and images in such a way that it will look perfect not boring.

Give a feedback box
Feedback box allows the customers to tell what they feel about you and makes it easy to you to know on which area you should work. Feedback box can also be used as a tool to make a two-way communication with your customer. Other than feedback box, enquiry section must have to be there to make sure that your customers can attain all the information that they want. It will ensure consumer satisfaction and they will not go anywhere else.

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